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My Journey

Hi, my name is Em.

After starting a social media page to help keep myself motivated, I have grown my brand inspiring others with my own personal journey. 

Fast forward - I am a qualified personal trainer using my education and experience to take the guess work out of health and fitness, stripping back to basic training principles to help others build long-term, sustainable healthy habits. 

I am a Health Scientist, specialising in Human Movement (bachelor's degree). I am a qualified and registered Personal Trainer and Accredited Nutritionist with experience in strength and conditioning, allied health, recovery and elite athlete care. I have special interest in women's health, weight loss and muscle gain.

My Mission

EMCOMBSFITNESS was born after I fell back in love with myself and training post a dramatic personal journey.


With the overwhelming amount of false information spread all over social media, damaging our minds, I wanted to build an army of strong, confident women to squash toxic diet and fitness culture. 

My Vision

Health and fitness for far too long has been classified as a weight or a size. We have used exercise as a way to lose weight, instead of looking at the overall health benefits of moving our bodies.


Once we focus on our health, everything else falls into place.

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