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Welcome to

Em Combs Fitness

The no bullsh*t approach to becoming the best version of yourself.


Hey, I'm Em!

With my weight spiralling as a teenager, I fell into a toxic mindset surrounding health. I struggled with my body image for years, following toxic diet culture and quick fix "fat burning" workouts. 


Now, I use my education and own personal experience to help inspire, educate and help others find their why. 

Using training principles to achieve long term, sustainable results whilst building healthy habits!

Em Combs Fitness

1:1 Online coaching

Feel empowered!

Build confidence from within.  With support every step of the way, I want to help you become the strongest version of yourself and radiate confidence while doing it. 

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Get the results!

There are no quick fixes, so let's teach you how to get results and keep them! We will create long-lasting and sustainable healthy habits. 

Stronger & happier!

Premium 1:1 coaching tailored to you. To make you the strongest, healthiest, happiest version of yourself. 

Get fit with me!

Explore my ebooks & get started TODAY

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